We’ve seen a ton of people signing up over the last two days to use our brand new business card service.  You can now send in business cards along with your receipts; we’ll scan them and upload them into your account with all the information on the business card, including name, title, company, website, phone number, mobile number, fax number, email address, mailing address, and a scanned image of both sides of the business card. Now, let’s take a tour through how this online interface looks, and how you’ll be able to use it to manage your contacts digitally.

All the information from your business cards

This is a basic view of how your business cards will look on the site. Each business card will appear as a row in a table of business cards. When you click on any given row, that business card will pop up in the window that looks like the one above.

All the info is editable

Though all the information is entered into your account before it comes online, you can also edit any of the information that has been entered. If there is anything that is incorrect or needs to be updated, just click the “Edit” button, and all the information will become editable. After you have made the necessary changes to your business card, click “Save”.

Your Business Card Data Can Be Used for a Variety of Different Things

You can also export all your business card information to CSV format, which is accepted by every digital contact managment system. You can import this file into your email client, smart phone, or other contact mangement system like Salesforce, or even LinkedIn. Shoeboxed has even prepared short tutorials to show you how to do the import for some of the most popular contact management systems. Your business cards are now digital!