Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve talked with a bunch of people that were really convinced that they needed to start scanning all their receipts. I think the idea of having all your receipts all in one place in digital form is a really good idea. Check out our Why Scan Receipts page to get the whole argument for why this kind of data backup is critically important.

But scanning your own receipts is a commitment. It is not easy to scan hundreds of receipts a month by yourself. The average desktop or portable scanner is not designed to be a really fast way to scan a lot of receipts very quickly.

Keeping a New Year’s Resolution that you are going to scan in every paper receipt you ever get is really hard. Buying a new scanner or spending money on receipt organization software is kind of like buying gym equipment from an infomercial: the idea of achieving that goal (whether it be receipt organization or perfect abs) sounds great, but it requires a lot of work, and people often lose focus and commitment.

Say you start the year off by buying a $200 scanner, and then two weeks later you fall back into the daily grind that prevents you from having a few hours a week to scan in receipts. That’s not to hard to imagine. You are then stuck with a $200 loss, and the same pile of receipts that you started with.

What you need is something that can help you keep organized throughout the year. In my mind, the best way to accomplish your receipt scanning goals is to take away all the work. With Shoeboxed Receipt Mail-In, you can do just that. Just mail us your receipts, we’ll scan them in and upload them to your secure Shoeboxed account for you, and then we mail them back to you. You can access them anytime and organize them to your liking and needs.

If you know how to send a letter in the mail, you know how to get your receipts organized. You never have to touch a scanner with Receipt Mail-In.

Now if only we could find a solution that’s that simple for your abs…