When Taylor was convincing me to join the Shoeboxed team back in February, he talked about changing online shopping, about improving online security, and about making people think differently about how they can use the Internet.

Bold statements, for sure, especially when made in a college dorm room. But Taylor has had a really detailed plan for how to actually reach these goals since the beginning, and we’ve been tackling this project in phases. The first step for Shoeboxed was to become the leading online tool for receipt organization. The incredible success and support we’ve seen in this area is really promising for what’s coming next. Several of the most well-read blogs on the Internet have written about us, and we’ve exceeded pretty much every expectation we have had for growth. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, but Shoeboxed is so much more than receipts, and we’re getting ready to unveil the newest part of the Shoeboxed Idea.

So what is it? Where is Shoeboxed going?

Well I’m about ready to pee my pants about what’s coming next. We’ll be building off of our receipt organizer, and making Shoeboxed useful in a new kind of way. Instead of just being about organization and security, Shoeboxed will soon be able to more closely mirror the real-world shopping experience. The size of the Shoeboxed community is certainly unbelievable, and we are so excited to be a more engaging, personalized, and fun service for anyone who’s ever made a purchase… ever.

Keep checking back for the new stuff, and get excited for a fresh new look too!