Shoeboxed Acquired by Earth Class Mail to Make the Paperless Office a Reality

Today we are excited to share that we have joined forces with Earth Class Mail! After 11 years of helping to organize the world, one receipt at a time, we could not be happier that we have now become part of a larger family – with the very same mission.

Some of you may have heard of Earth Class Mail in the past: they tackle the problem of paper mail and allow you to simply receive your mail digitally – all scanned in for you and ready to forward to the places where you actually need your mail – checks can be deposited straight into your bank account, bills can be routed into your accounting system, and now, we can tackle the problem of paper receipts together as well!

We could not be more happy, proud and excited for this next chapter in Shoeboxed’s history and the strong partner we found in Earth Class Mail. We truly share a vision of creating a paperless office and are committed to make this a reality as one company!

Getting over 250,000 documents mailed to our Durham, NC office every month, we see a strange thing or two every now and then. One thing we see often is sealed mail, addressed to our customer. Now, unfortunately, we always had to return that mail with a little sticker saying “We are not allowed to open mail not addressed to us.” Most of the time our customers turned around, opened that letter themselves and threw it in their next Magic Envelope. Now you will have a much better solution. I encourage every one of our users to check out our friends at Both products and services will continue to run as you have always used them, but with endless opportunities of what we can do as part of Earth Class Mail in the future!

I want to thank all of our customers deeply for your support, trust, loyalty and feedback over the years! As well as Shoeboxed’s investors who have all been great company builders and helped us every step of the way. And last but not least – the Shoeboxed team: no matter if you worked with us as an internship for a summer, scanned receipts at night, or the ones that spent their last 8 years with us – you have all built this success story and I’m incredibly thankful and proud of each and every one of you!

Thank you all so much for joining us on this amazing journey, and for continuing with us into our next chapter! Stay tuned for some great updates and news to come, and please – try out Earth Class Mail :-)

Stay Organized!

Tobi & The Shoeboxed Team

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    • Tobias Walter
    • An investment banker turned entrepreneur, Tobi studied at business schools in Germany, France, and the US, before working with Societe Generale and Morgan Stanley in Investment Banking. In 2005 Tobi joined “studiVZ” as employee #2 – one of the first social networks in Europe, that was later deemed “The German Facebook.” In 2008 Tobi moved to Durham, NC to help co-found Shoeboxed and currently serves as CEO.


Author: Tobi Walter

Clayton Noblit is A Marketing Manager at Shoeboxed. When he's not spreading the word about Shoeboxed, he enjoys exercising and carving wooden spoons.