Hey Shoeboxers!

We’ve teamed up with Outright again to make your tax season a little more fun. If you’ve already finished preparing your taxes… congratulations to all three of you in the entire country! For those of us who have been busy finding any excuse to postpone the inevitable, this contest should be a piece of cake.

All you have to do is tell us what you would rather be doing instead of taxes! Comment on this post with the following: “I would rather be [insert your answer] than doing my taxes.”

On Tuesday, April 10, we will randomly select one entry to win a free year of Outright Plus!

EVERYONE’S A WINNER!  Even if you don’t win, you can still try Outright and  Shoeboxed for free! There is no better way to prepare for Tax Time.

About Outright: Outright.com is the easiest way to manage your business finances online. Outright allows you to seamlessly integrate your business bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal and ecommerce accounts like eBay and Amazon in order to effortlessly keep track of your business finances, see where your money comes from and where it goes, and quickly and easily fill out your Schedule C tax form at the end of the year. Sign up for a free Outright account today for a less taxing tax time!

About Shoeboxed: Shoeboxed scans your receipts, extracts and human-verifies all the data you need for taxes, bookkeeping and expense reports. They also create a secure, digital, IRS-accepted archive of all your receipts in case you ever get audited. You can send documents through the mail in one of their pre-paid envelopes, by e-mail, with one of their free uploaders or from one of their Android, iPhone or iPad apps. Shoeboxed integrates seamlessly with Outright.