Shoeboxed and ScanDigital Partner to Promote Digital Conversion Services

Los Angeles, CA (January 15, 2009) – Shoeboxed, a company specializing in converting receipts and business cards to digital format and categorizing them, announces a partnership with ScanDigital, the leading photo and video conversion service, to allow the cross promotion of their services. Customers on both ends have the same desire to go digital, so introducing one another’s service to their established audience makes perfect sense.

“Both Shoeboxed and ScanDigital are helping people digitally archive their important personal documents and get organized, so there is a real synergy here,” said Taylor Mingos, Shoeboxed’s CEO. “I think ScanDigital users are going to love Shoeboxed, and vice versa.”

ScanDigital Scans Your Photos and Videos
ScanDigital Scans Your Photos and Videos

“Our partnership with Shoeboxed is particularly timely since so many people set a New Year’s resolution to become more organized and is in line with our core mission of helping people utilize digital technologies to not only become more organized, but also make otherwise daunting tasks easy,” says Anderson Schoenrock, President of ScanDigital.

About ScanDigital
ScanDigital is a web-based company that provides an innovative service and process for the conversion of old photos, slides, negatives, videos and reel-to-reel film into digital format. Orders are placed online at and the website automatically generates a UPS shipping label for secure shipping to their Los Angeles headquarters. Photos are scanned and then a light photo restoration is performed including: individual cropping orientation, color correction, red-eye removal and the removal of dust and minor scratches. The digitized images are returned on CD or DVD along with the originals, usually within a week after they are received at ScanDigital. ScanDigital’s Video and Film Conversion services allow users to view their old videos and reel-to-reel film in digital format. This includes 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, VHS, VHS-C, BetaMax, Hi8, MiniDV, and Digital 8 materials. All materials are processed in the U.S. to ensure that handling is fast and secure, quality remains high, and your memorabilia are never lost in transit.  For more information, visit

About Shoeboxed
Shoeboxed (, a leading receipt organization service, scans and organizes its users’ receipts and business cards to make them more manageable for taxes, reimbursements, budgeting and bookkeeping. When users mail receipts to Shoeboxed in the company’s prepaid envelopes, they are scanned and entered into their accounts online with the store name, date, total, payment type and expense category. Users can also send in email receipts or upload receipts themselves for a complete receipt archive. Business cards are scanned and uploaded with the data from the front and back of each card. Mail-In plans start at $9.95 per month, but use of the Shoeboxed website is free and includes comparable features to expensive offline software solutions in the market.