Shoeboxed App Available Through the New Google Apps Marketplace



By now, you have most likely heard about the launch of Google’s new App Marketplace. This revolutionary launch will now allow the millions of Google Apps users instant access to over 50 apps to help them avoid administrative hassles and focus on growing their businesses!

Here at Shoeboxed, we are thrilled to announce that we are one of those initial 50 launch vendors.

“Shoeboxed is committed to leading the marketplace toward a paperless office with digitization and intelligent online processing of documents, so integrating with Google Apps was a logical choice for us,” says Taylor Mingos, Founder and CEO. “By adding the Shoeboxed App to the Google Apps Marketplace, we’ve made it extremely easy for Google Apps users to get a powerful receipt and business card management web application that works seamlessly with their messaging and collaboration platform.”

So what does this mean for you Shoeboxers out there?

By integrating Shoeboxed with Google Apps, users can access the Shoeboxed App using single sign-on through Google Apps, eliminating the need to remember an extra password. In other words, you are just one click away from your Shoeboxed account. Increased security, and increased convenience! Now accessing Shoeboxed’s powerful finance and contact organization features is quicker than ever before.

We are so excited about this development with Google and will continue to add features to the Shoeboxed app. Stay tuned!