You might know that Shoeboxed has an office in Sydney, Australia, in addition to our HQ here in Durham, North Carolina. But one little-known fact about Shoeboxed is that we have a few team members working from Romania!Shoeboxers Taylor and Anjana in Romania

We’re always trying to find the best fits for our team regardless of where they’re located, and we found a great pool of talent in Bucharest. Every year, our Romanian team makes a trip to Durham, or some of our team from Durham heads to Bucharest for some team building, brainstorming and coworking. This year it was the Americans’ turn to visit Romania, and we wanted to share some cool tidbits from our trip!

Taylor, Shoeboxed founder and CEO, and Anjana, our product manager, spent a week working in Bucharest with the Romanian team, Ionut, Dorel and Silviu. We’ve always been able to see the quality of their work and dedication to Shoeboxed, just never from up close! It was fantastic to be able to work with them face-to-face, as well as bond as a team while sightseeing around Bucharest and the surrounding areas.

The Shoeboxed Team in RomaniaThe Romanian team is a crucial part of our development department and they contribute in an enormously significant way to all the Shoeboxed features you know and love. They’ve helped build our awesome Evernote integration, the Shoestrings API and more, and we can’t wait to tell you about all the new features they’re working on now!

The best part of the trip? Getting to spend time with our co-workers from afar and being just as productive as if we were in the office, just from another country! Make sure to stay tuned since we’ll be announcing some amazing new features — joint efforts from our American and Romanian development teams — very soon!

Stay Organized,

The Shoeboxed Team