I talk to a lot of people that need to organize their receipts. Most of them are interested in having their receipts in digital form so that they can have them accessible whenever they need them. Having a receipt backup or archive seems very important to a lot of people. But what’s behind this desire to have all your receipts organized? Why are we compelled to save and organized?

Well, some people just like to save. Having peace of mind is important to a lot of people. But there is a very real reason to have an accessible backup of your receipts: an audit.

If you are ever audited, all the receipts that you have organized in Shoeboxed will make the process of defending your audit easy (assuming you were truthful in you filings). Unless you want to rely on the possibility that all the receipts you are keeping in that big box in your office is a complete record, or that you’ll be able to sift through all your receipts if necessary, Shoeboxed can help.

And in case you’d like to be reminded what a bad audit looks like, look no further than the Georgia Department of Transportation’s audit.