Shoeboxed has been generating a lot of buzz this week, and I just wanted to alert you to some of the more notable pieces of news.

As you might know, SELF magazine wrote about us in their April edition, which came out this week. Flip to page 40 to read the article about us.

On Wednesday, Taylor was interviewed by Gordon Deal of the Wall Street Journal for their morning radio show. Listen to it here.

Friday, Taylor was on the radio again. This time he was interviewed by KOMO in Seattle, where he talked about taxes and how Shoeboxed can help speed up this year’s tax paperwork by organizing all your receipts.

Last night, the Arizona Republic put up a story about record keeping, and mentioned Shoeboxed as a great way to keep all your receipts in one place and organized. Read the article here.

This time of year, people all of the sudden tend to get interested in organizing their paperwork and receipts, and Shoeboxed can really help. Apparently a lot of writers seem to like our story!

Updated: Oct. 14, 2008 — Dead to Arizona Republic link updated.