The long awaited Shoeboxed iPhone App has hit the App Store… and it’s FREE!

Here’s a quick introduction and guide for using our brand new revolutionary app that is doing away with the need to keep paper receipts and allowing business-oriented people to effortlessly manage and track their expenses for reimbursements and deductions. 

First:  Access the app and you’ll be prompted to capture a photo of your receipt and add a note to it if you like.  The image will then automatically be sent to Shoeboxed to be digitally archived and auto-categorized. 


Second:  All important receipt data such as date, vendor name, total, payment type, and IRS tax category are extracted from the photo image through Shoeboxed’s OCR and human-verified data entry system.  Track your receipts in your iPhone during and after they go through Shoeboxed’s processing.


Third:  Effortlessly generate expense reports and email them to yourself or to your boss for reimbursements and deductions.   You’ll never have to deal with paper receipts again!


Download the free Shoeboxed iPhone app here!