Shoeboxed Is Giving Away iPads, Cash, & T-shirts!

For the next month, Shoeboxed will give you a T-shirt, $50 cash or an
iPad when you invite your friends to sign up for Shoeboxed! Here’s how
it works: we will send you a T-shirt just for inviting your friends to
try Shoeboxed, even if none of them sign up. If three of your invited
friends sign up for paid Shoeboxed plans, we will send you $50 cash.
And we saved the best for last…if 10 of your referrals sign up for
paid Shoeboxed plans, we will send you a brand new iPad! No joke! So
don’t wait, start inviting your friends and contacts to sign up for
Shoeboxed today!

The fine print:
Cash and iPad gifts are based on legitimate sign-ups for paid Shoeboxed plans as determined by Shoeboxed. This promotion is for US and Canada only. Duplicate as well as fraudulent sign-ups will not be accepted. Shoeboxed reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time.

Author: Sonny Byrd

Sonny is a former rock star who has served as Shoeboxed's Head of Marketing since 2009. After touring the US with his band of 3 years, he left the spotlight to focus on building Shoeboxed's marketing channels and growing the big blue Shoeboxed brand. He loves to write, cook, produce beats and electronic music, and most of all, to introduce unorganized independent business folks to Shoeboxed, the easiest and most cost effective organizational business tool in the world.