The demand for Shoeboxed Mail-In was incredibly high. There have been way too many people that wanted to participate than we can possibly accommodate this first time around. We’re really happy that everyone was so excited about the idea. There really isn’t any product like Shoeboxed Mail-In out there, but it seems like we’ve found something that people find a lot of value in. The first envelopes should come tomorrow, the USPS gets off their weekend (what’s that?). Then we’ll put all our scanners in action and get all those receipts organized!

We’re sorry that we couldn’t accommodate everybody, and the expandable nature of our scanning process will allow us to grow this product as fast as possible. Look for an expanded offering next month, for a very small fee. We will be offering Shoeboxed Mail-In for next month at a discount, but only if you find out where this offer will be announced. A major blog is going to announce this discount early this week, and as soon as they post it, we will accept registrations at a discount for a limited time!

This is the best receipt organizer I’ve ever seen; I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.