Shoeboxed Nifty $50 Giveaway

During the month of May, we are giving away $50 USD to anyone who joins our Affiliate Program and refers at least one new user to Shoeboxed. Why would we do such a crazy thing, you ask? We’re just grateful for your support and your help in spreading the word about Shoeboxed, and we’re happy to put our money where our, er, your mouth is. And let’s be honest, money talks and Ulysses S. Grant is much better at saying thank you than we are.

Follow these 3 quick steps to receive your Nifty $50 (available for US, Canada and Australia only)!

1.    Fill out this quick form to join the Shoeboxed Affiliate Program (it’s free and only takes a couple minutes, seriously!). Already an affiliate? Skip to Step 2.

2.    Next, you’ll receive an email from that contains your account identification number. Send that number to affiliates [at] You can also log into your account to retrieve that number.

3.    We will reply to your email with a unique Shoeboxed link. Refer at least one person to a Shoeboxed Lite, Classic or Business plan using your link (even free trials count!) and we’ll credit a cool $50 to your affiliate account.

It’s really that simple. No gimmicks, no strings attached, no fine print (except for this: at this time, the Nifty $50 promotional offer is only valid for residents of the U.S., Canada and Australia). We appreciate your continued support and help in spreading the word about Shoeboxed!

BONUS: Send out this tweet and post this link to your Facebook profile and we’ll send you a free Shoeboxed T-shirt!

DOUBLE BONUS: Post a Shoeboxed affiliate link on your website or blog and we’ll tack on an extra $5 to your prize!

Author: Caitlin Hourigan

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