Mashable was one of the first blogs to ever cover us after our launch this summer, which was really great for us. It brought us a lot of traffic that we weren’t really expecting right away. It’s one of the better-read blogs online, and we want to give a warm welcome to everybody coming from the article they wrote about us today. If all you new people have any questions, let us know at

Today, Mashable is again breaking some great news about Shoeboxed to the world. It’s the first major blog we talked to about our new Shoeboxed Mail-In service, and they are doing a big promotion with us. Everybody who comes to Shoeboxed through the link they put in the article will be eligible to get Shoeboxed Mail-In at a discount ($5/month) for the first 6 months.

This is a great deal, and we are excited to have so many people already coming to us and signing up for this awesome service. There are few entries below talking about how Shoeboxed Mail-In can help save you time and money, and maybe a little of your sanity as well, especially during this busy shopping season.

Organizing receipts has never been easier, and Shoeboxed is committed to making receipts as manageable and trackable as possible!