Welcome to the second installment of Shoeboxed Power Tips!

Each tip in the series features an instructional video about how to integrate Shoeboxed seamlessly into your existing workflows and maximize your experience using our service.

This Power Tip features our VP of Business Development, Joel Bush, who stores all of his important business contacts using Shoeboxed. As someone who’s always on the go and constantly making new connections, Joel is the perfect person to share a tip that will ensure you never lose someone’s contact information again. Without further ado, learn how to simplify saving important contacts by watching our second Power Tip video!

Whenever you get an email from a new business contact, take a screenshot of their email signature. You can do this on a Mac by pressing Command-Shift-4. If you’re on a PC, use the snipping tool and save it. After you save the screenshot to your computer, just upload it to Shoeboxed like you would any normal business card. Now the screenshot or picture is available anytime you access your Shoeboxed account!

Stay tuned for more Shoeboxed Power Tips to simplify your life and conquer paper clutter.

In the meantime, stay organized out there!
The Shoeboxed Team