Julia spent a good deal of time today and yesterday organizing our in-house file server. It was really unorganized, but we kind of knew where anything was at any given time. As our team grows though, and we take on summer interns, we felt like it would be a good idea to actually organize it in a meaningful way. I mean, we are a receipt organization company, so this kind of stuff is our hobby. Anyway, we found some great pieces of Shoeboxed history, including old blog designs and an ancient flyer that had a Mexican jumping bean on it for some reason. Anyway, one thing that public never saw was a flash video that was made about Shoeboxed this summer.

Before we launched our public beta in July, our Austrian friend, Flo, made us a flash video attempting to explain how Shoeboxed organizes your finances. Despite the fact that there’s no real explanation of what Shoeboxed does, and that he uses commas instead of decimal points (so Euro, Flo), this video is pretty much perfect.

Just click to view. It should open in your Internet browser.

Enjoy! If anyone wants to volunteer to top this flash video, let me know! We’d love to see it. We might even give you a job if it’s really good!