Here at Shoeboxed, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Shoeboxed Accounting Professional Plan that will make receipt organization faster and easier for accountants and bookkeepers than ever before!

Built on top of Shoeboxed’s core mail-in service for receipt digitization, the Shoeboxed Accounting Professional Plan enables accountants and bookkeepers to manage multiple Shoeboxed accounts from a single intuitive dashboard. Accounting and bookkeeping firms can now eliminate expensive and time-consuming receipt scanning and data entry practices by simply sending their piles of receipts to Shoeboxed where they will be scanned, data entered, automatically categorized, and securely archived online. From their Shoeboxed accounts, financial professionals can then generate spreadsheets, PDF reports, and QuickBooks files by category as well as date range.

Accountants can view, create, modify, or cancel unlimited accounts all from one secure page. Clients also have their own unique login information to access their accounts without having access to the other accounts. All Shoeboxed accounts on the Accounting Professional Plan are discounted by 10% recurring monthly. For accountants and bookkeepers looking to grow their business, offering a document digitization service to their clients at a low cost is an innovative selling point.

Key features of the new Accounting Professional Plan include:

*Searchable online archive of original receipt scans and human-verified receipt data

*Generate IRS accepted reports with original receipt images

*Export receipt data to Quicken, QuickBooks, .CSV, and other industry standard formats

*Perfect for CPA’s, bookkeepers and corporate workgroups

*View, create, modify, or cancel accounts all from one intuitive dashboard

*Provide unique login information so that clients can login to their accounts too

*Eliminate paper clutter, extend service offering, and impress clients

Those who are interested in trying out Shoeboxed’s Accounting Professional Plan for receipt management should visit our website for more information at