Shoeboxed has been going extremely well as of late, with many new people signing up and enjoying our mail-in service. We’re happy to see so many people take advantage of this thing we’ve put together. All you new members: you can expect a little something extra in the mail from yours truly this week. Just because.

Anyway, although we spend basically our entire lives chugging away at our computers trying to make Shoeboxed into the success we know it will be, we also like to take a step back every once in a while. Recently, we evaluated our marketing and messaging so that we could come up with a new tag line. We had used some sort of random ones in the past, but now I think we’re going to stick with this one for a while.

So without further build up, our new tag line is:

Shoeboxed: Where Receipts Go.

Simple right? Well, we think it captures pretty well what we do here. Your receipts come to us (through several channels), so (by corollary) this is also where they come. And we thought we would point that out.

Anyway, you’ll probably start seeing it around more, so that’s what that is.