Up until I discovered Shoeboxed, my receipt organization level was a disaster. There were several sources for the problems plaguing me.

Undeniably, some of the blame lies on me. I got a second’s worth of satisfaction when I tossed the receipt from my vanilla chai latte. On the rare occasion that I did save the receipt, it cluttered my wallet, purse, desk or found a long-term/permanent home on my floor.

I tried saving my receipts in a little white box in my closet. My friends, however, kept thinking it was another box of stilettos in my cluttered wardrobe and would open it. Receipts are private; sharing them did not work for me.

When visiting my kid-cousin, I found out that children do not so much share as take EVERYTHING. After one day when my cousin stole my purse and hid every single content in it (oh boy, is hide and seek fun), we filmed this comical reenactment.

The following video exemplifies how difficult it is to keep track of receipts:

On a more serious note, our fast-paced retail environment makes it difficult to hold onto our financial history. To speed up the checkout process, many stores have switched to thermal papers and printers. The downside is that the ink fades rather quickly. Many retailers who use thermal paper receipts, like Target, only guarantee the receipt will last for 90 days.

Despite all the forces preventing people like me from keeping and organizing receipts, it is important. Receipts enable consumers to make returns, claim insurance, and get reimbursed for work. Shoeboxed worked for me, and I hope it works for you too!