Shoeboxed <3 Durham

It’s been about a week and a half since most of us left Berlin, and we have finally settled down in Durham, NC. We spent the first week trying to find a new Shoeboxed office (that doesn’t double as an apartment, like our last two have), and expanding our team.

Brightleaf Square

Our new office is located in Brightleaf Square, one of the coolest areas in Durham. When I first enrolled at Duke as a freshman, this area was kind of dead, but since then, it’s been revitalized into a vibrant and popular (not to mention beautiful) destination. There are at least 10 restaurants within 100 meters of us, and it’s cool to have all the people, entertainment, and, well, food that come along with them. Two blocks from Duke’s East Campus, it’s also very convenient for the current students working with us.

We spent the whole day yesterday getting all our new furniture set up, and now we are enjoying our fully-functional and lively workspace. Needless to say, we are very happy to be in Brightleaf, and to be located in Durham! We look forward to being actively involved in both communities.

The office we have now is larger than the last apartment we were working out of (even though 12 people lived there…) so we figured we should have more people on the team. Well, okay, that’s not the only reason we brought them on. We are excited to have this new group of talented, smart, and extremely motivated people working on everything from marketing to server administration. It’s really exciting to see the team growing so quickly!