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ShoeBooksRight? FreshOutBoxed? OutBoxedBooks?

The small biz warriors at FreshBooks, and Shoeboxed are interested in only one thing: helping you spend less time on busy work – like invoicing, bookkeeping and recording expenses – and more time doing what you actually love – running your business. That’s why all three companies have integrated their services. ShoeBooksRight? FreshOutBoxed? OutBoxedBooks? Not such great business name combinations. But Freshbooks, Outright and Shoeboxed? Now there’s a great business combo. We have always known that these integrations were made in small business heaven, and this was confirmed recently when we were introduced to Evan Roberts, founder and manager of PPC Lab, who actually uses all three services together. Here’s what he had to say about his experiences:

Being a young entrepreneur the last thing I want to spend time on is tedious accounting work. I’ve been using FreshBooks for a few years for invoicing, billing and pseudo expense tracking but when I stumbled upon and I felt like the accounting weight had been taken off my shoulders. It may sound overly dramatic, but I am really not disciplined enough to keep proper records on my own, and my accountant was never happy with my scattered shoebox of receipts and spreadsheet full of notes—usually done at the last minute. makes it easy for a right-brained thinker like me to keep track of expenses. I just snap a picture of a receipt, send it on and I’m done with it. Add into the picture, and it imports all of my expenses from my business accounts via Shoeboxed, categorizes them and puts my accounting on autopilot.

Having this all done automatically and up to the minute is amazing. It’s so much easier to handle accounting issues like expenses, estimated tax payments, and billing, and I feel more in control and aware of my business than ever before. I’m positive that without these tools my accounting book would be a mess, and my accountant would never have bought a box of chocolate for ME on tax day.

Here’s How the Integrations Work:

Shoeboxed lets users send in receipts and business cards using pre-paid envelopes, e-mail or even their mobile phones. After they scan, data enter, and categorize received items, Shoeboxed uploads expense and contact data to users’ online accounts. From there, users can track expenses, create expense reports and export data to Excel, QuickBooks, Quicken and similar programs. And that’s not all. Shoeboxed users can export billable receipts straight to for bookkeeping or to FreshBooks so they can be billed to clients.

FreshBooks makes the necessary task of client invoicing quick and painless. Not only does FreshBooks create beautiful, Fortune 500-quality invoices, they allow you to easily track how much you’ve billed and how much is outstanding. If you need to bill a client for an expense, FreshBooks automatically snags the digitized receipt from Shoeboxed. When invoices are paid (hooray!), FreshBooks exports them to where the income is automatically tracked. is a free bookkeeping app for sole-proprietors and small business owners. Using, business owners can easily track their income and expenses, import financial information from sources like business credit cards and PayPal, and automatically populate their Schedule C tax form at the end of the year. also imports receipt information from Shoeboxed and income from paid invoices recorded in FreshBooks.

Evan Roberts Twitter handle is @evroccck. His company’s website is PPC Lab.

Author: Sonny Byrd

Sonny is a former rock star who has served as Shoeboxed's Head of Marketing since 2009. After touring the US with his band of 3 years, he left the spotlight to focus on building Shoeboxed's marketing channels and growing the big blue Shoeboxed brand. He loves to write, cook, produce beats and electronic music, and most of all, to introduce unorganized independent business folks to Shoeboxed, the easiest and most cost effective organizational business tool in the world.