Here at Shoeboxed, it is our goal to make tax season as stress-free as possible!

We recently sat down with Kyle Durand, a tax attorney, to chat with him about some of the most common tax questions we hear from our small business customers. Kyle  runs a business law, tax and accounting practice in Redmond, Washington, and he constantly works to educate business owners on how to protect themselves and their businesses from an audit and save money on their taxes. Watch the video to gain Kyle’s insight on:

  • The main tax and accounting challenges faced by small businesses and self-employed individuals
  • The quickest way to prepare for tax season (Hint: it’s not too late!)
  • Some of the most common red flags that trigger an IRS audit
  • The best defense in case of an audit
  • Common tax myths

If you have any additional tax questions or are looking for tax advice, you can find Kyle at