Shoeboxed, the leading online service for organizing receipts, released a new feature today allowing users to download their receipt information into a format that they can import into Quickbooks, a popular accounting software program for small businesses.

Since many small businesses use Shoeboxed to organize their receipts, this move makes a lot of sense.

Follow these easy steps to import your Shoeboxed receipts into Quickbooks:

  1. On the Export page in your Shoeboxed account, select the “Quickbooks (IIF file)” option.
  2. Choose the category or categories of receipts you want to export and what dates range you want.
  3. Input the Debit and Credit account numbers that you have in your Quickbooks account. If you want to create a new Debit and Credit account, enter a new name in the fields, and Quickbooks will create new accounts for you.
  4. Open Quickbooks. Go to File >> Utilities >> Import >> IIF Files. Then choose the file that you exported from Shoeboxed. On a Mac, the Import option is just under the File menu.
Use Shoeboxed to import your receipts into Quickbooks
Use Shoeboxed to import your receipts into Quickbooks

Now you can mail your receipts to Shoeboxed, have them scanned and organized for you, and then export them to Quickbooks in just a few clicks. You can get all your business expenses into Quickbooks without doing any of the hard work.  Look for more Shoeboxed integrations with other services in the near future. Your receipts will be more useful as we begin to add compatibilities with other services that offer complementary value-adds for our customers.