How to Build an Awesome Startup Team

Who would make up your startup dream team?

As your small business grows, building an awesome startup team is essential to your overall success as a company. Not only do you need rock star workers with mad skill sets; you need people who complement your work style, and who fill in the gaps in your weakest areas. Continue reading “How to Build an Awesome Startup Team”

How to Increase Prices… Without Losing Clients

Here at Shoeboxed, we believe learning when and how to increase prices is one of the most important strategic moves you can make as a small business owner. As your business grows and your costs increase, it makes sense that you should be charging clients more for your services.

But how can you raise your prices without sending clients running for the door? And why would clients pay more for the same services that, up until now, you’ve been providing at a lower rate?

It’s totally possible to increase prices without losing clients, but it’s important that your timing is right, and that the situation is handled with as much finesse as possible. Continue reading “How to Increase Prices… Without Losing Clients”

Don’t Miss the Quarterly Estimated Taxes Deadline

quarterly estimated taxes

It’s about that time! Quarterly estimated taxes can be a pain, and the next deadline is coming up on January 15. If you’ve got self-employed income or own a small business, chances are you’re responsible for making quarterly estimated payments to the IRS. This is just a dress rehearsal for April, so finding a system that works for you now can only benefit you in a few months.

Filing QETs is a pain, but you can reduce the headache by:

  • Keeping your receipts and invoices organized throughout the year. It’s a new year and a great time to design a new system to keep organized if you’re finding yourself in a disorganized mess for this tax deadline.
  • Be sure to set aside enough money to cover these taxes. It seems obvious, but if you add QETs into your yearly budget, you’ll be ready in January, April, June and September. Who doesn’t want one less thing to worry about throughout the year?
  • Figure out your QETs. When figuring your estimated tax, using your income, deductions and credits from the previous year is a good starting point.
  • Add calendar reminders for each of the deadlines, and then submit your payment online using the  Electronic Federal Tax Payment System.

Following these steps will make sure that QETs don’t come as an unpleasant surprise four times a year. You have more important things to focus on, after all!