Shoeboxed is going green! If you aren’t convinced yet, check out my video. Being environmentally-conscious is a high priority for the entire team. We’ve made a lot of changes to our work environment and our lifestyles as we embark on our long mission to be a sustainable start-up company. Here are some of the latest green developments in the Shoequarters:

1. Recycling—Flyers adorn the walls of every room reminding everyone to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum products. Some team members made special containers to help separate out recyclables from the trash.

2. Energy efficiency—As an Internet start-up company, we use computers all day and all night. There are certain guidelines we all follow to cut down on our computers’ energy use. Here are some of those tips:
a. Turn off or set computers to a lower power setting anytime we do not use them.
b. Do not use screen savers, but rather use screen/monitor shutdown options.
c. Turn on printers and scanners only when they need to be used.
d. Use only products with ENERGY STAR labels.
3. Utensils—We use silverware and dishes that we clean after each use to avoid resorting to plastic utensils and paper plates.

4. Water use—Water use in the Shoequarters is limited; however, all team members make efforts to avoid keeping the water running when washing dishes or washing their hands.

5. Electricity—It is a rule in the office to turn off lights in rooms that are no longer in use.

6. Commuting—Some of us live within walking distance of the office and others live on the nearby Duke campus. Walking, biking, and carpooling are the ways we encourage team members to come to the Shoequarters every day.

Shoeboxed is moving in the right direction. The changes we are making in the Shoequarters and in our personal lives are significant. We are proud to display our environmentally-conscious efforts and hope to inspire others to follow our lead.