Here at Shoeboxed, we believe know that our customers are the best in the world. We do our best to bring you a magical experience every time you interact with Shoeboxed, but sometimes we can’t help but be humbled by how wonderful you all are!

Last week, we received a Magic Envelope filled with all the usual paper clutter—receipts, bank statements and similar stuff. As one of our operators was scanning the last few papers, a five dollar bill fell out. We did what we always do—write a quick note to let the sender know that they had accidentally included some cash or coins in their envelope, stick it to the offending currency and put it back in the return envelope. No big deal.

A few days later, we got a tweet from Drew Golden, founder and managing director of Golden Capital Partners, thanking us for returning his $5 and stating that he wants to donate the money to a charity of our choice. It was the most original and awesome way to thank us for great customer service that we’ve ever experienced! So, we tweeted back to Drew at @GoldenCapital1 that we had chosen the American Cancer Society as the charitable recipient in a tweet and went on about our day.

Drew Golden Tweet
Drew Golden Tweet

On Wednesday, we got another tweet from Drew letting us know that he had donated $500 instead of just $5 to the American Cancer Society in honor of our honesty and fantastic customer service. We were floored by his generosity and humbled that he did this all because of a five dollar bill.

Drew included the hashtag #payitforward in the tweet, and that got our minds churning here at Shoeboxed about how we can do exactly that here in our local community. Stay tuned to follow our mission to give back in 2014, and of course, a big thank you to Drew for being an awesome customer and for his generosity!

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