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“Using Shoeboxed and ScanSnap together is a lifesaver … This process has saved us thousands of dollars a year in accounting fees.”

-Rob Lee

Shoeboxed Success Story Rob LeeIntroducing: Rob Lee

Profession: Owner, Swift Passport Services

Twitter: @SwiftPassport

LinkedIn: Swift Passport Services

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Shoeboxed: Hi, Rob! Please tell us a little about yourself and what Swift Passport Services does.

Swift Passport Shoeboxed CustomerRob Lee: I’m one of the founders of the company. We expedite US passports and international travel visas to virtually any country in the world; ones we see a lot are Brazil, Russia, China and India. We can get passports within one business day. We help both international business travelers and families going on tourist trips. The majority of our customers are business travelers and that’s our target customer because they tend to be repeat customers.

People come to us to outsource and expedite what is typically a long and sometimes confusing process. Once you come to us, we provide you with detailed instructions on how to get your passport done within one of seven timeframes depending on how quickly you need it. We’re an authorized third-party service — it’s a fairly big industry. There are 17 government agencies where you can get your passport across the country, but there are a few hundred of businesses like ours. Normal processing through the US government is 3-8 weeks to get a passport — our processing is much shorter.

SBX: Whoa, we didn’t know you could get passports that quickly! How did you get into the business of expediting passports?

Shoeboxed Success Story Swift Passport Services Customer Rob LeeRL:
 Well my wife is a former wildlife biologist and I used to be a forest and resource conservationist. We quit our jobs in Montana working for US Forest Service and moved abroad– fulfilling a shared dream. I taught English and she worked for a study abroad program. We lived abroad for a few years and used a company that is now one of our competitors to travel back and forth to the US. When we returned we ended up in Chicago with no plans and decided to start a business, thinking we would get to travel and help others travel. It’s been five years now and we’ve grown to four employees here in Chicago, two in New York and contractors all around the country.

SBX: What a great story, it sounds like you’ve had quite an adventure! Have you always wanted to operate a small business?

RL: No, it honestly just kind of fell into my lap. But it’s great to be your own boss, it’s very rewarding.

SBX: So at what point in your business venture did you start using Shoeboxed?

Shoeboxed User Swift Passport Services Success StoryRL: Well I have no business or accounting background. But as we started growing, I became responsible for the financial side of the business. We have an accountant, but I do the day to day receipt and expense tracking. Our receipts were in stacks and stacks and I just didn’t know what to do with them. I had a scanner and started scanning them, and then I googled receipt management services. I stumbled upon Shoeboxed and used the envelopes to get rid of all of them. The rest is history!

SBX: Excellent! How did you handle your tax filing before Shoeboxed, especially with all of those stacks of receipts?

RL: I just waited until quarterly tax time and then tried a series of different accounting solutions. But the main problem was that but I could never find the receipts I needed when I needed them. At first it was simple enough to manage but then we started having way too many receipts. We have to buy money orders for foreign consulate fees, so the number of documents related to that just got huge and we couldn’t keep track. Shoeboxed became our way to keep track.

Shoeboxed has absolutely saved us so much time — hours and hours. Now every receipt I get I quickly scan into Shoeboxed using our ScanSnap. From there I can easily export it into QuickBooks, which makes the whole process streamlined and simple. This process has saved us thousands of dollars a year in accounting fees.

SBX: That’s music to our ears! So you use our ScanSnap instegration. Can you walk us through your workflow?

RL: Sure. All the receipts always come to me. About once a week I’ll scan every receipt for that week using my ScanSnap. From my ScanSnap they go directly into the Shoeboxed Desktop Uploader and right into my online account, where all of the important information is pulled off. Come accounting time, if there’s any question about anything, I can hop online and find exactly what we need in seconds. Using Shoeboxed and ScanSnap together is a lifesaver.

SBX: Aren’t ScanSnap’s handy?! You also mentioned our QuickBooks integration. How was that been working for you?

RL: I started using the QuickBooks integration the minute it was available, probably about a year ago. I think it’s really easy to use!

SBX: Beyond our integrations, what’s your favorite thing about using Shoeboxed?

RL: Not having the clutter of receipts and all kinds of documents on my desk is really nice. It’s great to have them all organized in one place where I can access them from anywhere.

SBX: Do you have any organization tips for other small businesses?

RL: I’m not an organized person. Any way you can make things easier for yourself, I would recommend that. Definitely reduce paper clutter by any means possible– doing digital and paperless is great.

SBX: We agree, and think every small business owner would benefit from going paperless! Anything else?

RL: Shoeboxed is a great company with great software. I’m just really glad it exists!

SBX: That’s awesome, Rob.  Thank you! We’re honored to be apart of your business as it grows and wish you many years of continued success!

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