How to Keep Your Employees Happy

How to keep your employees happy
Are your employees this happy?

As a small business owner, learning how to keep your employees happy is probably the most important skill they didn’t cover in business school. Because c’mon – how are you supposed to measure someone’s happiness, or job satisfaction, in a way that’s measurable and meaningful?

Chances are that before you owned your own business, you were somebody’s employee. It’s also pretty likely that you’ve worked for a boss or two who made you less than stoked about going into work every morning.

Job satisfaction is the number one factor that prevents turnover and increases company morale – more than increased salaries, promotions or other professional opportunities. So how can you, as a busy startup boss with a million things on your plate, learn how to keep your employees happy? Continue reading “How to Keep Your Employees Happy”

A Completely Paperless Office in 5 Easy Steps

Save an office. Hug a tree.

Think a completely paperless office is out of reach for your small business? Think again! Here are our 5 easy steps to greatly reducing – and even eliminating – paper from your work life. Continue reading “A Completely Paperless Office in 5 Easy Steps”

The Best Productivity Apps for Mobile Bookkeeping

How do you stay productive on the go?

It’s practically impossible to succeed at mobile bookkeeping without a killer arsenal of productivity apps. Being able to run your small business from your smartphone is essential for every on-the-go SMB, and finding the right apps that work for your lifestyle is essential.  Below are our top picks for productivity apps that do everything from create coupons to manage content marketing, all with a flick of your thumb.

Marketing Apps

Does your marketing department consist of, well, you? No problem! Keep social media and content marketing campaigns revved no matter where you are. Glyder’s iPhone productivity app has a bunch of different templates that let you reach out to potential customers in creative ways. Create a contest, offer a coupon, or engage users with fun questions right from your phone.

Continue reading “The Best Productivity Apps for Mobile Bookkeeping”