The Brand New Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker for iPhone and iPad Has Arrived!

Today we announce the release of the new Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker for iPhone and iPad! It is available now as a free download in the App Store. The new 6.0 version of the app has been optimized for iOS 9 and includes a brand new interface along with an entire new suite of features and updates.

Today we announce the release of the new Shoeboxed Receipt and Mileage Tracker for iPhone and iPad! It is available now as a free download in the App Store.

The new 6.0 version of the app has been optimized for iOS 9 and includes a brand new interface along with an entire new suite of features and updates. Users can submit receipts, track expenses and create expense reports faster and more effortlessly than ever right from their mobile device.

Mobile Screenshots Shoeboxed

Here’s what’s new:

  • Advanced Receipt Filters
    The old receipt filter tab has been replaced with sliding category tags, allowing you to filter by one or multiple categories at a time while still being able to scroll through receipts. 
  • Select Categories at Point of Capture
    You no longer have to wait until a receipt is processed to categorize an expense. Simply snap a photo of a receipt, select the desired categories, then click save.
  • Expense Report Overhaul
    Email receipt tables are now optimized for Apple mail and Gmail mobile with a sleeker look. The expense reporting process has also been polished, making it even easier to get reimbursed!
  • Simplified Interface and Navigation
    Say goodbye to the dashboard and hello to our new navigation bar! Easily get to wherever you need to go within the app by clicking any of the tabs in the new bottom navigation bar. We’ve also made it easier to manually edit DIY receipts, and you will also notice that all of your receipts are now neatly organized by date!
  • 6s 3D Touch Shortcuts
    With the addition of Quick Actions, iPhone 6s users can start tracking a trip, scan a receipt, and create an expense report directly from their home screen with a single press of the app icon. We also introduced Peek and Pop – a neat feature that allows you to edit receipt details and instantly get reimbursed for an expense in seconds by hard pressing a document inside the app.

We’re very excited about this release – but we couldn’t have done it without our awesome Beta testers and user feedback. A huge thanks to Shoeboxed users for helping us make this our best app yet!

Head on over to the App Store now to download the brand new Shoeboxed Receipt & Mileage Tracker!

iPhone Browser Share Up 36% For Christmas Week

Apple enthusiasts using iPhone and iPod Touches to access the Internet are making up a bigger portion of Internet users overall after spiking during the week of Christmas.

The iPhone’s browser markets share increased by 36% last week, according to Net Applications. Due in large part to the iPhone’s popularity as a Christmas present and the likelihood that veteran iPhone users browsed on their phones more while they were on vacation, this increase signals a victory for the mobile web, which took big strides in become mainstream in 2008.

It Appears Many People Got iPhones For Christmas
It Appears Many People Got iPhones For Christmas

Apple’s iPhone may be a big part of the increased consumer confidence in the mobile web, as it features a sleek interface, a relatively usable browser compared to other smart phones and a unique keyboard design. The BlackBerry Storm, which has touch feedback technology on its screen, just came out and promises to widen the mobile web usage in the United States as well.

The iPhone’s browser market share increased to 0.57% for the week ending Dec. 27, up 35.7% from a 0.42% share the week before. Competing against popular desktop browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, the iPhone still has not broken into mainstream usage, though these increase may point to increasing acceptance of the mobile web in the United States.

Alley Insider reports that they had a spike in iPhone traffic on their site on Christmas day, and many iPhone app developers reported spikes in sales on Christmas day, presumably as new users experimented with their new phones and the third-party applications available to download in Apple’s App Store. The National Spending Journal did not see a similar spike in traffic from iPhones or iPod Touches this week, however.

Free iPod Engraving Is Code For “No Returns”

When you buy a new iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle or iPod Touch, Apple offers free laser engraving so you can customize your purchase. With the holidays upon us, the iPod is a good last-minute gift, and an engraved iPod is an even better one, as you can write a personalized message. Apple recommends “No more silent nights” as an engraving, among other messages.

Engraving An iPod Forfeits The Ability To Return It
Engraving An iPod Forfeits The Ability To Return It

Though this may seem like a no-brainer for many, there is a catch: When you take advantage of the free engraving option on your new iPod, you forfeit your right to return it.

After you select which iPod you want to purchase on the website, you are taken to a page to select your free engraving. A message on the page states, “Please make sure that everything is spelled correctly as your engraved order can’t be returned.”

Keeping your Apple receipt won’t help you this time, so it is important to only use the engraving feature if you are 100% sure you want it engraved and won’t need to return it. If you are giving a gift, it is worth double checking whether your intended recipient doesn’t already own an iPod or other digital music player. It would also be a shame to give an iPod for Christmas or Hannukah only to realize that another person gave the same recipient another engraved iPod.

Not having the ability to return an engraved iPod surely reduces its appeal, and it is probably going to result in some irate customers after Christmas. If you are giving an iPod this year, a personalized card may be a better option than the fancy laser engraving, tempting as it may be.