OnePriceTaxes Files your Taxes Online for Only $14.95

As April 17 quickly approaches we want to feature how Shoeboxed works with a few of our great partners to help you make this tax season as easy and painless as possible.

OnePriceTaxes LogoOnePriceTaxes, a local company based in nearby Morrisville, NC, is one such partner that can save you time, money and headache this April.

OnePriceTaxes provides consumers with an easy-to-use solution for filing federal and state taxes online for just $14.95, the lowest cost in the tax preparation industry. OnePriceTaxes’ software offers the ability to file both simple and complex tax returns for “one price” (get it?).

Simple tax returns usually consist of W-2 forms, dependents, and education credits. For the same price, OnePriceTaxes also handles more complex tax return filings, including those that have personal businesses, rental real estate properties, capital assets, itemized deductions, and alternative minimum taxes.

OnePriceTaxes is one of just 17 companies in the nation who handle the electronic filing of returns, and they have been actively e-filing returns with the IRS since 2007. Last year, the software operated in 35 of the 41 states that file income taxes and coverage is being extended to all 41 states within the next year.

There are three things in particular that we at Shoeboxed like about OnePriceTaxes:

1. Their “interview-style” data collection makes it a lot easier to gather the information you need to put in your tax forms, without having to decipher IRS-speak.

2. You can import data from tax returns filed in previous years with OnePriceTaxes or TurboTax. Why re-enter data that you have already entered before?

3. You can import all your expenses directly from Shoeboxed! Whether you have been submitting receipts to Shoeboxed since last year, or you are catching up last-minute by stuffing them all in one of our envelopes, Shoeboxed helps you maximize your deductions by making sure you don’t miss any deductible expenses.

Since Shoeboxed automatically assigns the appropriate Tax Category to each receipt, when you import them into OnePriceTaxes they will pop up at the right time. No hassle, just deductions!

Check out, and if you haven’t tried Shoeboxed’s Premium service, make sure to start a 30-day Free Trial today. Only 54 days until Tax Day!

Stay Organized,

The Shoeboxed Team

Shoeboxed Prepares You for Tax Day!

Well, Tax Day has finally arrived. April 15, the day that always seems so far away, the one where we pull out all our procrastination tricks and try to avoid the pain that is giving our money away to the government and the frustration that is going through all that paperwork. Ah yes, a great day.

Of course, one of the most annoying things about taxes for today is organizing receipts. Since they are needed for donations and deductions, you’ve got to have a copy of them all. Unfortunately, many people lose them or store them in some primitive organizational system so they can never find them this time of year. I was talking with a Receipt Mail-In user the other day on the phone and she admitted that she has thousands of receipts crammed in one of her moving boxes from when she bought a new house. Imagine trying to find a receipt in there for your taxes. Actually, scratch that. Don’t think about that. Oh God… Oh… no.

Shoeboxed will organize your receipt

Oh, sorry. Sometimes unorganized receipts really get to me. Anyway, there is obviously a really easy solution to getting your receipts organized. At Shoeboxed, you will never have to go through the pain of organizing all your receipts in a frenzy in the last few weeks of tax season. The best way to organize receipts, after all, is to stay on top of the clutter as it comes in.

Scanning every receipt you have is a powerful way to stay organized and save money. Having receipts scanned on your computer allows you to access them anytime and easily use them for taxes and other important record-keeping activities. And if scanning isn’t really your “thing”, then send them on over to us. We’ll scan your receipts for you with our Receipt Mail-In program.

I hope you’ve been a Shoeboxed user for a while, because today will be stress-free, but if you’re just finding out about us, we wish you the best of luck on this worst of national holidays.