Our First Customer

When my youngest sister, Cat, applied to college, she defied any stereotype that teenagers are disorganized. Each college she was considering was awarded its own binder. Each admissions topic (academics, athletics, extracurriculars) was coded with a particular color. Each criteria was measured on the rubric she developed. Finally, a list of pros and cons was attached to the front of the binder along with a checklist of the items necessary for application. By the time she received her acceptance letters, we already knew she would be joining the student athletes at Kenyon College in Ohio.

My sister was the first person to sign up for shoeboxed.com.

The day after the site launched, Cat asked me if she could put her linens and dorm accessories in Shoeboxed (the answer is yes, of course!). She and her roommate, an academic all-American lacrosse player, decided who would bring which electronics. She chose a laptop online that will also be in her Shoeboxed account. At the end of her back-to-school shopping spree, she will have all her expenses in one place. My parents are happy.

She also managed to keep her school e-mail free from anything that is not school related.

Now, I wish I was as organized as Cat. When I applied to college, I ended up turning my applications in the day they were due. When I arrived at Duke, I found my roommate had already brought a TV so mine had to be stored in my minuscule closet. My linens were too small for my bed. My financial information was… not organized.

I have also signed up for Shoeboxed. If I didn’t, my boss would be upset. But more importantly, I would really not have a chance at online organization. My inbox sans Shoeboxed looks like a “Where is Waldo?” book.

So Cat signed up because Shoeboxed keeps her organized. I signed up because it’s automatic so I don’t have to be organized.

What’s your reason?