Obama to Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes

During the recently concluded presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to eliminate capital gains taxes to help stimulate the economy. This is big news for start-ups, so let’s look into what this will mean in the coming months for small, fast-growing companies. Continue reading “Obama to Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes”

Companies Cutting Costs and Shedding Jobs

A government report issued Friday announced that the U.S. economy lost 533,000 jobs in November, bringing this year’s total to 1.9 million jobs lost. This was the worst monthly job loss since December 1974. Continue reading “Companies Cutting Costs and Shedding Jobs”

Your Taxes Under Obama

In the final stretch of this year’s presidential campaign, John McCain turned to taxes as a critical issue in his message. Both McCain and Barack Obama promised to lower taxes, and it seemed that many were unsure who would be cutting taxes the most. With Republicans traditionally the party that tries to lower taxes, Obama’s message of lower taxes seemed almost too good to be true for many. Continue reading “Your Taxes Under Obama”