Calling All Small Business Superheroes!

This year marks the 50th annual National Small Business Week. To celebrate, we’re joining the Small Business Superhero Contest, sponsored by BatchBook! Enter now for a chance to win an awesome prize package from companies including FreshBooks, BoostSuite, Olark and, of course, yours truly.

This post is a part of a series celebrating National Small Business Week. If you’re a small business owner using Shoeboxed for your business and would like to share your experience, we’d love to hear from you.

For the past six years, Batchbook has recognized the heroic efforts of small businesses around the country, and this year we’re joining the celebration. Three lucky superheroes will win awesome prize packages for their small business– one of which includes a free year of Shoeboxed! But there’s more: every entrant will receive 50 free MOO cards, as well as free access to Silver Lining Limited’s summer bootcamp (a $299 value), which will help businesses overcome the problem of “too little time, too little money.”

You can learn more about the contest on the BatchBook blog. To enter, just choose your superpower from the list below and then share how it helps you run your business.

Here are the superpowers you can choose from:

  • Empathy: You know when to give a hug
  • Omnipresence: You are always there to save the day
  • Superhuman speed: You make decisions faster than a speeding bullet
  • Superhuman vision: You have super vision to see your future success
  • Technopathy: You know your way around any new technology
  • Time travel: You rescue your employees from time-wasting meetings
  • Duplication: You get so much done, it’s like there are two of you
  • Superhuman energy: Your energy keeps the whole business humming

To join the contest, just head over to the BatchBook Facebook page and fill out the form! Here are the Small Business Makeover packages you could win:

The Business Package

  • 1 year Large Batchbook account
  • $300.00 Grasshopper Credit
  • 1 year RightSignature Business account
  • 1 year Formstack Professional Plan
  • 1 year FreshBooks Evergreen Plan
  • $50.00 MOO credit
  • Google Gooru Consultation (Free 1-hour Gmail Productivity Training Session & Free 1-hour Google Drive Productivity Training Session)
  • 99designs Power Pack (Includes complimentary half-hour design consultation with a branding team)
  • Free Lifetime access to SLAPcenter business training platform

The Marketing Package

  • Free logo from 99designs (includes complimentary half-hour design consultation with a branding team)
  • $100.00 Grasshopper Credit
  • 1 year Edocr Business Account
  • BoostSuite Web Marketing Consultation
  • Batchbook Cloud Help Consultation
  • $250 MOO credit
  • 3 Months of DirectMail Manager & $100 credit
  • 3 months free Large Batchbook account
  • 1 year free Emma account

The Tech Package

  • 1 year free Shoeboxed Classic plan
  • 1 year Cazoomi SyncApps account
  • $200.00 Grasshopper Credit
  • Unlimited users account with Janrain Engage
  • $100 MOO credit
  • Free 99designs Pro Tools (includes complimentary half-hour design consultation with a branding team)
  • 1 year ScreenSteps Live Plus plan
  • 4 months free of Olark’s “Lost Silver” plan
  • 3 months free Large Batchbook account

Enter now!

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Organizing the World: The Faces of Shoeboxed part V (featuring the one and only FreshBooks!)

While Shoeboxed takes enormous pride in helping clients from all around the world stay organized, we’re also reminded daily that much of what we allow our hundreds of thousands of users to do wouldn’t be possible without all of our great integrated partners and the myriad of services they provide.

With that in mind, in this issue of “Organizing the World” we are thrilled to team up with our good friends at FreshBooks, who have turned the once time consuming and daunting task of invoicing into a simple, painless and automated process.

Users from far and wide use Shoeboxed and FreshBooks together to effortlessly transform piles of paper receipts into professional-looking invoices. The end result is that individuals and small business owners get paid faster, look professional and spend more time focusing on what they love to do.

An Officeless, Paperless, Accidental Magazine Business
… and how we’ve managed to keep it going with Shoeboxed and FreshBooks

“If it wasn’t for companies like Shoeboxed and FreshBooks our original idea and business would have crumbled into an unorganized void of obscurity and dysfunction many, many years ago.”

-Russell Eggleston

Introducing: Russell Eggleston

Profession: Magazine Publisher

Location: British Columbia, Canada


Twitter: @NorthernGroove


About Russell:

Russell Eggleston is a magazine publisher and “accidental” small business owner of Northern Groove, a magazine that promotes the local art and culture of Fort St. John, British Colombia. He started with the goal to promote local artists, events, and get people involved in Fort St. John community more than they ever had before.  In essence, he created an arts and entertainment scene where one didn’t exist.

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BatchBlue Contact Management Solution Integrates with Shoeboxed

BatchBlue, a slick online contact relationship management (CRM) application, has implemented the Shoeboxed API and now allows you to automatically sync your Shoeboxed business cards directly into their online software. This is a big win for any small business that wants to get more out of the business cards that they collect. This will save you time and let you leverage the information on your cards, without you having to spend hours data-entering, scanning and managing the cards with a homemade system.

Now you can send your physical business cards to Shoeboxed, where we will scan them and enter the information printed on them. Then, if you set up the integration, they will be automatically sent over to BatchBlue, where you can manage your contacts with all the features you need.

BatchBlue now integrates with Shoeboxed
BatchBlue now integrates with Shoeboxed

Here is how to set up the integration (from BatchBlue’s FAQs):

First, you need to create a Shoeboxed account. When you are ready to sync, go to the Sync tab in your BatchBook account and choose Shoeboxed (if you’re already syncing a service with us, you’ll need to click the add service button). Click authenticate now.

You will be routed to Shoeboxed where you enter your Shoeboxed login and password. Click the checkbox to allow Shoeboxed to transfer receipt and business card data to BatchBook, then click submit. Your Shoeboxed contacts will now be synced with your BatchBook account!