A Day in the Life: I’m a Bunny at Shoeboxed

Meet Bella Bunny, Shoeboxed’s newest friend and CCO (Chief Carrot Officer). Her job description includes participating in marketing and sales meetings, leading office brainstorming sessions on branding and strategy, and being distractingly cute. Like a proud parent on their child’s first day of kindergarten, we documented Bella’s first day as a working woman, er, bunny.

Every morning at Shoeboxed starts back in the Operations room. Bella  inspected the loading dock area to make sure it’s set to receive hundreds of our infamous blue Shoeboxed envelopes filled with paperclutter.

Once the envelopes arrived, Bella helped sort them into their respective areas to begin the scanning and data extraction process.

After lunch, Bella switched gears to the sales and marketing areas of Shoeboxed. She met with Joel, our VP of Sales and Alliances, to share her slide presentation about penetrating new markets. She pointed out that many rabbits need help organizing paperclutter because often times bunny cages are quite small with little countertop space.

 In marketing, Bella rocked customer support through live chats and e-mails. If you happened to have gotten a silent call, we apologize. She got nervous and “flopped” her first call.

Following a long first day, Bella and Taylor (our CEO) battled it out in an intense ping pong tournament. Taylor was once considered to be one of the best players in the office. Now, with Bella in the mix, it seems those days have passed. Taylor was not available for comment.

Satisfied with a hard day’s work, Bella said goodbye to Sonny, Head of Marketing, as she got ready to return home. Poor thing was so exhausted, she almost left her carrot behind!