End Of Year Bookkeeping In Full Swing

With the end of the calendar year right around the corner and tax season quickly approaching, every business is going over their books. In an attempt to offer expert advice to the public and publicize tips on how to start on your books before you go into your accountant, Universal Accounting has the following checklist to help businesses: Continue reading “End Of Year Bookkeeping In Full Swing”

Taping Receipts to Paper

I’ve heard this myth out there. So scary, this myth. I thought I might warn you, prepare you, just in case. Ready? I couldn’t believe it either: Many people are forced to tape receipts to paper.

Whether for bookkeeping, archiving, or expense reports, everyday many do-gooding Americans are told that scotch-taping their receipts to yet another piece of paper is the best way to get their expenses organized.

Fortunately, for each and every one of you that has been forced into such a situation, who has sat there with scotch tape in one hand and papers in the other wondering what on earth, who has wasted so much tape and so much paper.

To you we say, “Welcome.” Shoeboxed is here. Step away from the tape and put down the paper.

With Shoeboxed, you can send you receipts as loose pieces of paper (actually that’s how we want them) in an envelope. No tape or paper backing needed. Your receipts will be scanned and entered in to your online account, so you can sort them in a way that makes sense. There’s no need to have some elaborate filing system anymore. We’ll make your receipts sortable for you, without the tape.