Why Our New Pricing Benefits You

Though we are still synching up our the two registration processes that we have for Shoeboxed, I wanted to go ahead and talk about the new pricing that we have up for our main registration site, http://start.shoeboxed.com.

Over the last week, we have been testing out the new pricing to see what people think, and the feedback has been very positive. We designed it so that it is both cheaper to catch up on a bulk “catch-up” scan job and more flexible for you if your volume fluctuates from month to month.

Perhaps the most popular new feature of the pricing structure is the free bulk scan that you get if you prepay for a year of Receipt Mail-In. For Lite (the newer, better Basic), you’ll get a 250-receipt bulk scan. For Classic and Business, you’ll get a 500- or 1000-receipt bulk scan, respectively. Also, when you sign up for a year, you get 12 months of Receipt Mail-In service and you only pay for 10 months’ worth. So signing up for a year is really the best deal around for getting your receipts organized.

We are encouraged by the positive feedback so far, and are happy with how many people have been signing up as of late.
If you have any questions about the new pricing, don’t hesitate to email or call us.We’d love to hear your thoughts!

As always, you can reach us at help@team.shoeboxed.com or (888) 369-4269.

Get Caught Up With Bulk Scanning

I’ve talked to several people this week that are ready to sign up for Shoeboxed, but have one last question: If I have a backlog of receipts, how do I get started?

Sure, Shoeboxed is great for keeping up month-to-month with your receipts, but if you have a backlog, some find that their volume is just overwhelming. They wouldn’t be able to catch up if they just had one envelope per month. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone, and Shoeboxed can certainly help.

Indeed most people that need to get their receipts organized have a big backlog – a big box or two sitting in their home or office that has been piling high with receipts for years. After all, if you’ve never had Shoeboxed, you know how hard it is to get all those receipts organized, because no one wants to scan that many receipts themselves.

That’s why we offer bulk scanning.

On top of your Receipt Mail-In subscription, you can send in a large volume of receipts to us and we will scan them at special rates so you can get caught up. You just send your receipts to us in whatever container makes sense (box, big envelope, etc.). We scan them and upload them to your online account as normal, and then mail them back to you.

If you are interested in doing some bulk scanning, email us at mail-in@team.shoeboxed.com or call us at (888) 369-4269.