New and Exciting to Shoeboxed!

In addition to the new upgrade and downgrade tool we covered in our last blog post, our developers also deployed some other new features and laid the groundwork for a newer, prettier, and just plain better Shoeboxed.

Here’s some of the enhancements that we unveiled on the 20th, stay tuned for more new features over the coming months.

–       Better PDF Expense Reports
Your expense reports will now look even more professional with a numbered list of your receipts, corresponding image numbering, the page number where the image can be found, and better general formatting.

–       Transform Doc into/from Business Cards
Any document, bill, or receipt can now be transformed into a business card, or vice versa by you.

–       All Documents are Mergeable
Receipts can be merged together, as can business cards, without weird exceptions.

–       Improved Email Seller Identification
Your Shoeboxed email address will now be able to better identify the seller from which receipts are sent to your inbox, and input this information as such.