Accounting & Finance - Sep 27th 2022

How to Effectively Manage Business Expenses: A Guide for Small Business Owners

Learn how to manage business expenses in this quick-start guide—with tips and practical steps for improving cashflow and financial health!

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Accounting & Finance - Sep 16th 2022

Managing Business Expenses: Your Guide to Budgeting Company Spending

Just the basics for better budgeting.

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About Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed is an expense & receipt tracking app that helps you get reimbursed quickly, maximize tax deductions, and save time and hassle doing accounting.

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Accounting & Finance - Jun 01st 2022

What Is the Key Difference Between Cost and Price?

While price fluctuations usually occur outside the business context, and you can do nothing about it, a business can lower the product price, which stays under its control, to minimize this effect. 

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Accounting & Finance - Sep 21st 2021

A Basic Guide To Business Audits

This article will cover what a business audit is, why it’s important, and how businesses can simplify their audit process for expenses.

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Small Business Tips - Mar 01st 2016

5 Receipts Small Business Owners Should Take Extra Care to Keep

Holding on to detailed receipts for expenses is one of your best defenses in an audit. Receipts also act as a log, allowing you to jot down important context about your (sometimes costly) expenses. Of course, not all receipts are created equal, so we’ve compiled a list of five, highly scrutinized receipts for which you’ll want to keep receipts.

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