The Shoeboxed Weekly Recap: Free PR on a Shoestring Budget, Improved QuickBooks Integration and More

Another week has come and gone! In case you didn’t have a chance to check in on the Shoeboxed blog, here’s a quick review of what you missed this week:

1. Do you travel a lot for business? Here are some great ways to easily and accurately organize your tax write offs while traveling.

2. Need to get some great PR on a shoestring budget? Check out this awesome presentation that our CEO gave on getting free publicity for your startup.

3. Not sure which business tax write offs you can submit to the IRS? You might be surprised! Take a lesson from 007 in Business Tax Write Offs James Bond Would Gamble On.

4. Earlier this year we launched the Shoeboxed Connector for QuickBooks and users ranked it one of our best integrations. So we did the only logical thing: Made it even better!

5. Being organized at home is one thing. But how do you stay organized when you’re travelling for business? We asked Samantha in this week’s edition of Organized Fridays.

Stay organized this weekend,