Where’s Shoeboxed?

What’s different about this airport?

We organize your receipts

Oh right, Shoeboxed team members have arrived. You really can’t miss us when we’re out and about, and I just wanted to keep everybody updated on what we’re doing. If you’re in an airport and you see us, remind us of this blog entry, and we’ll sign you up for our receipt scanning service, Receipt Mail-In, totally free.

Keep an eye out. We may or may not be in Laguardia today.

Calling Bill Gates

It’s tough being the Shoeboxed chauffeurs. Executive orders this morning left some important details out, nonetheless we pulled out the sign: “Shoeboxed.com for Bill Gates” and got to work. We patiently waited by the baggage claim.

For some reason, people were shocked that Bill was coming. People quickly found their movie cameras and filmed away. Others pointed, laughed, and some even pretended not to care, although their eyes were glued to the sign. Head of RDU security stopped us. “You should go check the millionaire’s baggage claim back there!”

Despite the attention we drew, we couldn’t find him in Terminal A or the Millionaire’s baggage cliam. We even checked the restrooms, phone booths, and by the soda machines. So we headed to Terminal C.

In Terminal C, we set up shop at the foot of the escalators by the baggage claim. As people rode down the escalator, jaws dropped, minds were boggled, conversations were dropped. Still, no Bill.

Maybe he’ll make it tomorrow.

Workin\' it at the airport

Even though we didn’t find him, we definitely got some interesting looks, and people made some pretty memorable comments.

The funniest statements:

“Oh my lord… Bill Gates is coming to town? I’ve been filming a YouTube documentary on my trip. Mind if I include this? Also, remind him to support the baby boomer generation of women, when he comes.”

“Daddy, what’s Shoeboxed.com?”

“You must’ve missed the executive airport!”
“No, Bill is a man of the people”-Etienne

“Which flight was he on? I didn’t see him” – Random Traveler
“Really? He was wearing a Shoeboxed.com T-Shirt!” – Etienne

The looks we got were priceless.

Shoeboxed on TV in Austin, TX

Well, I must say, Texas has been mighty nice to Shoeboxed in the past few months. Yet another large media organization covered us today. KXAN, an Austin NBC affiliate, gave a rundown of Shoeboxed’s features on their morning show today, explaining some of the ways that Shoeboxed can simplify your life, especially in this tax season that we all love so much.



They tell me that they are going to put the segment on YouTube soon, and when they do, we’ll link it here. In the meantime, they did write up a blog entry about us, especially focusing on how much scanning receipts can be a pain for business travelers, and how Shoeboxed can help.

When I’m on business trips, shoeboxed is going to be great for me in terms of keeping together the receipts I need for my expense report. And in terms of tax season, having all my receipts in one place will make things far more efficient. I’ll finally get all my receipts in order and have them online for me to access from anywhere and at anytime!


They got one thing wrong: we DON’T charge for Quicken export.

Thanks to Charlie Ray and the rest of the people that made this happen.