Shoeboxed Radio Interview on KRLD 1080. Listen in!

We’re used to receiving inquiries from bloggers and print media representatives who want to write about Shoeboxed, and we really enjoy every opportunity to put our message out there and reach out to existing and future members. But today we got the opportunity to spread the word of Shoeboxed via a different medium: Radio!

A few hours ago we were on our first radio show which aired on Dallas KRLD 1080. The show is a running series called CEO Spotlight, which typically interviews someone from the senior management of a publicly traded/Fortune 500 company. The episode before us was an interview with the CEO of technology giant Texas Instruments. Needless to say, it is exciting (and an honor) that Shoeboxed was asked to be on the show!

CEO Spotlight Screenshot 2/18/08

Go here to listen to the interview as an .mp3 file: Downloadable .mp3

Travel on Business? Get Receipt Mail-In.

The other day, I was talking with one my old friends who graduated a couple of years ahead of me in college. He’s a business consultant now, and is traveling almost every day of the week.

When he’s out on the road, he has to keep track of his receipts in order to get reimbursed by his company. He said that organizing his receipts was so annoying that he finally gave in and bought a portable scanner to bring with him on his business trips. The problem with the scanner, though, was that it was hard to use and extremely time consuming. The last thing he wanted to do after a hard day of work on the road was sit in his hotel and scan receipts.

So obviously I started telling him about Shoeboxed Receipt Mail-In. This innovative new program is perfect for business travelers and anyone else that has to organize their receipts but hates the prospect of getting down and dirty with their scanner. With Mail-In, we’ll scan your receipts for you and upload them into your secure Shoeboxed account. If you can stuff an envelope, you can have your receipts organized for your expense reports, taxes, and everyday purchase tracking. Now he can just drop an envelope into the mail after each trip, and he’s good to go.

There has never been a better way. Try it out today!