Let Me Make Returns!

My dad is famous in our family for being able to return anything to a store, no matter whether he has a receipt or not, whether the product was used or not, and with total disregard for company return policies. We’re not really sure how he manages to do it. For the rest of us who aren’t lawyers by training, returning something without the receipt can be a huge annoyance. There’s really no reason that companies should require receipts for returns anymore. Come on, people. We’re living in the 21st Century; there has to be a better way to prove that you bought something.

Just to prove what we already know, here is part of Best Buy’s return policy:

Your original receipt is required for all returns, exchanges, price matches and warranty repair services.

But Best Buy, one of the most popular technology retailers in the country, probably has pretty sophisticated sales tracking systems, right? Their cash registers are actually pretty powerful computers, and they’re connected to the Internet. Wikipedia explains the industry standard for cash registers these days:

Today, these machines… record the transaction in detail including each item purchased, record the method of payment, keep totals for each product or type of product sold as well as total sales for specified periods, and do other tasks as well.

Currently, many cash registers… may be accessed remotely for the purpose of obtaining records or troubleshooting.

So if Best Buy is tracking your purchase, the price and the method of payment, why shouldn’t you have the option of returning something just with your driver’s license and credit/debit card. If I go up the register and say, “Hi, my name is Dan Englander and I bought some Boss headphones last week. In fact, here they are in their original packaging. Anyway, I’d like to return them,” then I should be able to return them! I am logged in their system! The paper receipt is totally unnecessary.

At Shoeboxed we are revolutionizing the way you organize your receipts, but it’s part of a bigger consumer revolution. We want you to have more control over retailers and be able to make the shopping experience more about YOU. Updates to come.