Shoeboxed for Business Cards!

Since we started Shoeboxed about two years ago, we have been all about receipts: email receipts, uploaded receipts, and finally paper receipts via our Receipt Mail-In program. But Shoeboxed has the power to do more, and we’re excited to expand our services today to include business cards. If you are a Receipt Mail-In member, you will automatically benefit: just include business cards in your Receipt Mail-In envelopes!

When you think about it, business cards are a lot like receipts. Everybody’s got ’em, they’re annoying, and they’re important to keep. Shoeboxed has been dedicated to finding solutions for organizing receipts that save you time while still allowing you to benefit from having all your receipts digitally organized. We are expanding that concept to business cards, so you will be able to manage all your contacts, complete with all the info traditionally on a business card. From the first name, last name, address, phone number, cell number, fax number, email address, company name, and position, you’ll have all the contact information from your friends and colleagues, but you’ll never have to scan a single thing or enter in any data yourself.

Indeed, other business card solutions require you to spend hours physically filing them or scanning them yourself and entering data about your contacts. Other solutions also make it difficult to import your contacts directly into your email client, Salesforce, or other address book application. Shoeboxed makes it easy. You just import the contacts in your Shoeboxed account in a CSV file. We’ve even made walkthroughs for you so you can import your business card contacts easily into Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Apple Mail, LinkedIn, and others.

So here’s the clear value in using Shoeboxed for your business cards: you have a stack of business cards. You put them in your Shoeboxed envelopes and mail them to us. We scan them and enter the data on your business cards. You can view them online and import all your contacts, with all the information on the card, to any digital contact list.

So say you met a lot of people at a conference that you recently attended. You’ll be able to have all their contact information in your email client, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and many other applications. This whole process, from beginning to end, will take about 3 minutes of your time.