Starbucks Savings: Bring Your Receipt!

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Make sure to bring your morning receipt.

Starbucks, one of the most popular stores on Shoeboxed, launched a nationwide promotion whereby you can get $2 off an afternoon iced coffee if you bring in a receipt from earlier in the morning. This can mean significant savings, as an iced latte can run over $4.

I love promotions, but I especially love promotions that involve receipts! Hurry though; this receipt-related coffee offer is only available through September 2.

From CNN:

The move to expand the afternoon iced drinks promotion comes after Starbucks said last week it would offer more “value” in its fall and holiday offerings. In a conference call with investors, Chief Executive Howard Schultz said the company may offer deals to consumers who use Starbucks customer cards.

Starbucks has already been testing a variety of regional promotions this summer. In some cities, it has offered discounted drinks on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. In July, the chain also gave away 12-ounce iced coffees on Wednesdays to customers in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston and Detroit who turned over an “iced brewed coffee card,” a reusable voucher distributed in stores and newspaper inserts.

Friendly Reminders

Just wanted to take today’s blog to give out a couple of reminders (for our veteran users) and just useful tips (for the surge of new users we’ve had recently).

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