Duke University President Encourages Entrepreneurship

I’m the first to admit that I’m proud to be a student of Duke University. A first-class education, a strong community of talented individuals, the opportunity to excel in any field you choose—you couldn’t ask for much more. Except maybe good sports teams. But we’ve got that covered.

I’m especially impressed with Duke’s ability to focus on what’s really important, when it’s important. When biomedical research was identified as a leading research discipline with the potential to make meaningful advances worldwide, the university made it a priority to establish a top-notch engineering program. When Duke made an effort to enhance sportsmanship and school spirit, they established what has become one of the strongest athletic programs in the country. And now it seems as though Duke may be making entrepreneurship its next project—encouraging students to think beyond the boundaries of contemporary ideas and solve problems in creative and innovative ways.

On graduation weekend, Richard Brodhead, President of Duke University, spoke to graduates about the importance of entrepreneurship. He suggested that the only way to assure success in the future is to “strengthen the culture of inventiveness, versatility, entrepreneurship, and creativity such that, whatever the future turns out to hold, smart minds will be here to seize the opportunities of that time,” adding that the most prepared individuals will “meet the future in imaginative, constructive ways”.

It’s those moments that make us feel good about what we’re doing here at shoeboxed.com. We’re proud of our university, and hopefully not too long from now, they’ll be proud of us.

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