Shoeboxed Team Spotlight: Andrew

If you’ve ever called the Shoeboxed office, you’ve likely talked to Andrew since he’s usually the first one to answer the phone. In this month’s spotlight, we let you put a face to the voice on the phone: Andrew Beach, sales manager and customer support extraordinaire!

It’s time for everyone’s favorite monthly feature: The Shoeboxed Team Spotlight! Each month we interview a member of our team so you can get to know the people helping you get organized.

If you’ve ever called the Shoeboxed office, you’ve likely talked to Andrew since he’s usually the first one to pick up. In this month’s spotlight, we let you put a face to the voice on the phone: Andrew Beach, sales manager and customer support extraordinaire!

Andrew_2 shoeboxed teamShoeboxed: Hey Andrew! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to chat. Let’s start the interview by getting a little background on you.

Andrew Beach: Sure! I’m from Denver, CO, though I spent about 10 years in the DC area as a kid. I really wanted to return to the east coast for college, so I moved to North Carolina in 2006 to attend Duke University. My interest in a pretty diverse range of subjects led me to major in Biomedical Engineering, which was fascinating but ultimately not the field I decided to go into (at least for now).

SBX: Yes, that’s quite different from what you do around here! So how did you decide to go a different direction and join Shoeboxed?

AB: I applied for typical engineering jobs at larger companies toward the end of college but was really much more interested in working for a young company. Helping to build a business from that stage, with the opportunity to experience the workings of that business at many levels, seemed like a very rewarding experience, especially early in a career. Luckily, one of my fraternity brothers was the marketing manager at Shoeboxed when I graduated and was happy to discuss the culture and help me get connected to the team. I’ve been here three years now and have enjoyed being involved in the company’s tremendous growth during that time.

SBX: We are certainly lucky to have you! Why don’t you share a little bit about what you do here?

AB: I manage our sales processes, making sure that our customers are getting the most out of their Shoeboxed experiences. We like to reach out to new customers early on to provide a personal touch and to help business owners and individuals understand exactly how Shoeboxed will transform their organization of finances and important documents. I also work on some internal development projects to improve the efficiency of our sales, support and marketing processes as well.

SBX: Wow, that’s a lot! So besides our awesome customers, tell us why working at Shoeboxed rocks.

AB:  The coolest part of working at a startup is that in a short period of time you can recognize a problem, retrieve and analyze relevant data, implement a solution, and even see results. Everyone here is given the freedom to maneuver quickly, but there is also a horizontal team structure in place that really fosters collaboration on these projects as well.

SBX: You’re spot on; we definitely move fast and promote teamwork around here. All right, on to some non-work related stuff. We’ll start with a hard one: describe yourself in three words!

AB: Curious, ambitious, rational.

SBX: Nice! Now where would we find you outside of work hours?

AB: I love to ski and try to schedule a trip back west every spring. I read a lot, am currently improving my golf game, and I play piano as well (watch out for the Shoeboxed band, coming to a city near you!).

shoeboxed team band tobi andrew sam


SBX: The Shoeboxed band is awesome! We really need to get that going again. Moving on… give us one tip for staying organized!

AB: I actually have some OCD tendencies to spare if anyone wants some! But seriously — I think being willing to change up the system if it isn’t working for you is important. The entire point of an organizational system is to make a person more efficient, and it’s not doing its job if it is time-consuming and stressful in itself.

SBX: That might just be the best tip we’ve heard in awhile! So as a Duke graduate, you’ve been in our hometown of Durham for awhile. What’s your favorite thing about living here?

AB: I love living and working in a city that is growing as quickly as Durham is. There are new restaurants, bars, and other amenities opening all the time. The city is also very open to entrepreneurs, and the welcome mat is only growing. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the American Underground grow (their new space on Main Street is awesome!) and attending the first annual Paradoxos conference in June.

SBX: Durham really is a great place to be. Thanks again for taking the time to chat, Andrew!

Stay tuned next month for an interview with another awesome Shoeboxed team member, and in the meantime, stay organized out there!

Hack Your Life, Join Shoeboxed!

It’s another insanely busy day here at Shoeboxed. After moving back to Durham two days ago with Taylor, Tee and Rolf, we’ve been busy settling in, picking the perfect office space, and meeting all the new map-holding freshmen roaming around Duke’s campus.

But, wait, there’s more! Shoeboxed was featured this morning on, a popular blog that offers suggestions on how to “hack” your own life, or find inefficiencies in your daily routine and tweak them to improve your productivity. 

They wrote up an article and we’ve had lots of people visiting the site today, and we thank everybody who’s signed up. This kind of support means a lot to us.

Shoutout to Gina from Lifehacker! You made my day!

Also check out The Consumerist, where they gave us a little plug in response to the Lifehacker post.

Entrepreneurship at Duke University We’re looking to change the Duke start-up scene in a big way. Although we are currently in Berlin, Germany focusing on our launch, we will be moving to Durham in the fall – and there’s so much to be excited about. Soon we will offer a free service to help people automatically organize their purchase histories online. We know that people deserve a website that automatically makes their lives simpler. We also know that Duke University deserves a start-up that can unite the community and bring The Triangle Area the positive national attention that it deserves. will be looking for talented members of the Duke and Raleigh-Durham community who are interested in getting involved. If you feel like you have what it takes, email and tell us why you’re awesome. isn’t your ordinary company – we work hard and have fun doing it.

Duke’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization (CERC). The purpose of the center is to “bring knowledge and technology into the service of society”. CERC does it’s best to help bring ideas to the market. By helping to organize teams of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and by providing these groups with resources from Duke and beyond, CERC has created strong and successful networks of entrepreneurs.

Fuqua Research Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The mission of the center is to advance the scholarship, teaching, and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation. It was created to expand the focus of the Fuqua School of Business so that it would include entrepreneurship and innovation. Focusing on research in these fields, the center looks to contribute to both the knowledge and practice of pioneering business. Even though the center is still new to the Duke community, it plans to leverage the position of the university and the interest of its students and faculty to establish a world-class research program.
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