Organize Reimbursements with Shoeboxed

One of the biggest benefits of organizing your receipts is for reimbursement purposes. Everybody has been reimbursed at some time or another, and everybody knows the rule: you’ve got to have your receipt. Despite this, it can be a pain to keep track of everything you bought. Most of us have had to “eat” an expense that should have been paid for by someone else because we couldn’t find the receipt for it.

So how can Shoeboxed help? Well, first off, everything that you buy online will be in an easy-to-read, tabular format. And they’re not going anywhere either. You will always have easy access to everything you’ve bought online.

Also, you can easily forward any of your receipts to anyone at any time. Need to send a receipt to your boss for that fax machine you ordered for the office? No problem. Just click on the receipt from the My Receipts page. Then click “Forward this receipt.” Enter your boss’ e-mail address, and you’re done. Expect your check in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

Save money, save time, save frustration, get on Shoeboxed.

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