Send Credit Card Charges from Shoeboxed to QuickBooks

Ahoy, QuickBooks Shoeboxers! We’re thrilled to announce that the integration between Shoeboxed and QuickBooks now supports credit card charges!

Many of our QuickBooks power users requested passing over credit card receipts as credit card charges instead of journal entries, so we made the switch. The change should save QuickBooks users time (and money!) when organizing their receipts.

This feature is available now for our integration with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. If you have QuickBooks and aren’t already using our QB integration, try it today!

If you have any questions about this update to the Shoeboxed and QuickBooks integration, you can reach us at or 24/7 on Twitter at @ShoeboxedHelp.

Stay Organized,

The Shoeboxed Team


PayPal Now Available as a Payment Type

Hey Shoeboxers,

You asked, and we delivered! We now offer PayPal as a payment type for your receipts in Shoeboxed.

PayPal as a Payment Type in ShoeboxedFrom now on, any PayPal receipts that you submit to Shoeboxed for processing will have PayPal listed as the payment type! If you already have PayPal receipts in your account, you can change the payment type for those receipts to PayPal by clicking on the receipt in your account and selecting PayPal from the drop-down menu next to “Payment types.”

Power tip: Want to get your PayPal receipts and invoices into your Shoeboxed account even faster? Try our new Web Clipper for Google Chrome!

If you have any feedback or questions about PayPal or other payment types please reach us 24/7 at or give us a shout on Twitter @ShoeboxedHelp.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as we release new features and upgrades!

Stay Organized,

The Shoeboxed Team

Print Coversheets Directly from Your Account

We’ve added a “Print Coversheet” button to your account so that now it’s easier than ever to generate and print unique coversheets to include in your boxes and envelopes of paper clutter!

Print Coversheet ButtonWhether you’re a Shoeboxed Lite user, shipping items to us from an international location, or simply have too much paper clutter to fit in one of our pre-paid envelopes, now you can print a coversheet effortlessly from your account to include with your package. Every coversheet has a unique code, so we know it’s yours.

To print a coversheet click on the “Manage Envelopes” link from your Shoeboxed Dashboard. Then, simply click on the “Print Coversheet” button and we’ll generate a unique coversheet for you. Finally, click on “Print this sheet,” throw it in your box or envelope of paper clutter and send it on over!

Tip: Trying to save ink? Use the same coversheet as many times as you’d like. If we’re returning your documents feel free to use the same coversheet with your next shipment of paper clutter!

If you have any feedback or questions about our new “Print Coversheet” button please reach us 24/7 at or give us a shout on Twitter @Shoeboxed.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as more upgrades and fun new features are released!

Stay Organized,

The Shoeboxed Team