Shoeboxed Power Tip #1: Submitting Receipts via Email

Learn how to submit eReceipts on the go and keep clutter from filling your inbox with this Shoeboxed Power Tip video featuring our Head of Product, Anjana Mohanty. Follow the Shoeboxed Power Tip series to maximize your Shoeboxed experience and seamlessly integrate our tools into your daily workflow.

Shoeboxed Power Tips are finally here! This series of how-to posts will help you use Shoeboxed in your fight against paper clutter. Each tip features a video or simple step-by-step instructions about how to integrate Shoeboxed seamlessly into your existing workflows and maximize your experience using our service.

Our first Power Tip features our Head of Product, Anjana Mohanty, who tackles her email inbox every day using Shoeboxed. As someone who’s always on the go (and never really stops working), Anjana is the perfect person to share a tip that will help de-clutter your inbox from wherever you may be. Without further ado, learn how to simplify submitting eReceipts to Shoeboxed by watching our first Power Tip video!

In this Power Tip, learn how to forward email receipts to Shoeboxed in just a couple clicks. Here’s how:
1. Create a contact in your phone called “Shoeboxed.”
2. Save your Shoeboxed email address under that contact.
3. Forward eReceipts to Shoeboxed from your phone in seconds.

Stay tuned for more Shoeboxed Power Tips to simplify your life and conquer paper clutter.

In the meantime, stay organized out there!
The Shoeboxed Team

5 Easy Ways to Go Paperless This Spring

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The average person creates 4.5 pounds of trash every day, most of which is paper! That’s 13.5 million pounds of trash created each day in the U.S. alone.

By reducing your use of paper, you’ll be decreasing the amount of fossil fuels used in processing, saving space in landfills, and conserving precious trees which reduce ozone and nitrogen dioxide levels in our atmosphere. Continue reading “5 Easy Ways to Go Paperless This Spring”